Updating DNS for Stigan Media Hosting Clients

Updating DNS for Stigan Media Hosting Clients

First, we’d like to welcome Stigan Media website hosting clients to e.media.it’s Canadian web site hosting service. We look forward to working with you and providing this important service. We want to help make the transition smooth and seamless.

We expect that most if not all hosting clients will notice little if any interruption in hosting or email services.  In some cases, clients may need to update DNS records to reflect the change of service and that should be the only action clients should need to take. When you update DNS, the transition should be seamless with no loss of services or email.

For those clients who need to change DNS servers, you should have received an email providing with the names of new name servers.

Many clients already manage their own DNS and in those cases, we will need you to update your DNS records to effect the change.

DNS is the central technology around which the internet is built. Getting DNS right is critical and if you don’t have an IT person to help, it can be confusing for the non-techie.

If you require assistance, please call us with the info at the bottom of this page. 



Here’s how to update DNS:

Changing the A record IP address for website hosting:

New IP for @ or root A record:

It will look something like this as each DNS provider has a different naming and layout scheme. Use the following table as guide for changes to the following records.

Type Name or Host Value Priority
A  (@ or root)



A  (only if CNAME is not used)

























*  Note: You can cannot have both a CNAME and A record for www. Only one or the other may be used.

DNS record for www:

CNAME record

In most cases you will already have what is known as a CNAME record which points www at the root or @ A record.

If you already have a www  CNAME, no change is needed.

A record for www

If you don’t have a CNAME for www but instead have an A record, then you need to change the IP address to:

Email Records

Please note that changes to email DNS records only applies if you’re email is hosted with us. 

  • Most clients will likely have a CNAME which points mail at the root or @. In this case, nothing needs to be done.
  • If you have an A record for mail instead of CNAME,then you need to change the IP address to:

The primary purpose of the mail A record is to identify the mail server name so your email client such as Outlook knows where to retrieve email from as well as where email is sent from.

MX Record (Important)

Please note that changes to MX DNS records only applies if you’re email is hosted with us. 

You will also need to update MX records and in some cases, add a second MX record. MX records tell the world where to send your email. In our case, your email will be sent to our Barracuda Spam filter before being allowed to go to the email server in order to filter for spam:

  • Primary MX record: cuda.e-mediait.com   –   Priority  0
  • Secondary MX record: yoho.e-mediait.com  –  Priority  10


New IP for webmail A record:

Note that your webmail URL should be the same as before: webmail.yourdomain.com

Other DNS records

TXT record

Please note that changes to TXT DNS records only applies if you’re email is hosted with us. 

If you have a TXT records for email, we recommend deleting this record as it may interfere with email service.



If you require assistance or are uncertain of changes required, please call e.media.it at 403-940-5942 or Stigan Media at 778-379-0888.