Configure Exhchange / Activesync for iPhone

Configure Exhchange / Activesync for iPhone

Go to you phone’s home screen and select Settings icons:


Insert your company email address into Email field, then add password and description of your choice and click Next:

Note: You may receive warning message: Cannot verify identity of server. Click OK and proceed.


Configure empty fields as shown below in screenshot:

Email: Your email address
Domain: use your company domain, eg: (do not use
Username: Use only the first part of your email address, eg: joe  ([email protected])
Password: Password should already be present

Click Next


If information has been entered correctly, all fields will briefly display check marks and you should see the following screen:

Click Save


The account will be added and you will be taken back to Mail, Contact, Calendars list:

No further account settings need to be changed.


You may however, wish to change the sync period:

Click on the Account and click on Mail Days to Sync and select the desired sync period:

You can set Automatic Reply here however we recommend using webmail: